Day 42:

Friday, February 25, 2011

I had an amazing work out today. I think that every day I go, I fall a little more in love with working out.. Never really thought that I would… But I have! My legs are a little sore already going up the stairs that might be a little bit of an issue tomorrow, but I love the pain…. Heehee maybe that’s why I like going, I am one of those sick freaks that likes that kind of pain, working out, tattoos. I love it; lets you know that you are alive.
I also signed up for a little light tanning. Nothing major just a little color. I know how awfully bad tanning and the sun can be, and I am mega proud to rock my pale skin. I defiantly don’t want to look like those 40 year old women with leathery tanned out skin that you would actually think was 60.. But I am feeling a little light color would not hurt.

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