Day 41:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 41!!! What.... Wow time is going by very fast! Grrreeat!

So for today’s blog, I decided that I would share a dirty little secret with you guys... I am a product junkie.. Really who needs all of this stuff, I have lotions and soap that I have never even opened… I was watching that hording buried alive on discovery the other night and it totally freaked me out… I do not want to be the little old lady that has to rescued from her pile of junk…So now I am going though my house.. Saying yeap that can go, that can go, that can go…. I totally will think more about what I need and don’t need….

Random Ipod song:


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  1. Spring cleaning is in the air! I've been throwing so much crap away just thinking "I look like a freakin' hoarder"...


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