Day 22:

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I had a long but fun day at work today…
I stop by pet smart on my way home to get the pups an extra special yummy treat. I made a joke that they were in there room making an ASPCA commercial about me, because I have been working so much… After I was home and letting them out to potty, I was missing one of them… Isabelle had the treat bag opened and had helped herself to a bone. What a silly little pup.. Defiantly going to bed early tonight! Puppy cuddles time!! Photos of my new hair. Heehee I love it! Why did I ever wait so long to do it like I wanted??

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  1. I seriously love your hair!! So sassy and perfect!

  2. Awesome hair!!! :) I miss being able to do pink.


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