Day 18:

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I got to talk to honey on Skype to day twice! Whoohoo…. That makes for a pretty great day. Love it when the planets a line and it works out like that. It’s just so nice to see his sexy bear face… Ummmm… Ok back on track… Any ways… I was able to get even more work done today, very happy about that. Getting closer to having it all done by Friday.
I seriously hate my nails right now, ever since the gnawing off incident, they look horrid. I look at them and scare myself. Tiring to decide if I should just have then done again or let these horrid little stubs just grow out. I really think that I will let them grow out…. Going to die my hair again, dark brown like it is now but I am going to bleach out my bangs and make them pink, I think, pretty sure…..
Like this maybe.

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