Day 25:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wooohooo…Day 25! The days seem to be going by pretty quickly! Honey and I said that we would not talk about the whole year, but instead break it up in to six month stints. So five months to go…until the best two weeks of my life I am sure! I am a serious planer. Ask any one that knows me I am literally always planning something. I always have a wave of things going on in my brain. I have this book that I take every wear I go and put everything that I do in it. I don’t have it.. Well If I don’t have it I freak out, it’s not a pretty thing to witness. So any ways, I am planning the ultimate one week get away with honey! Can’t really tell you too much about it, as the main idea behind this, is that honey reads my blog every day. So what I can say is FUN and lots of lovein…
So I drove honeys car to day for the first time since he left. I don’t want it to set too much while he is gone. I hate it… I have a truck, honey use to have a truck but he spent so much money on gas going to work and to the beach every day that he decided to get a little car. It does save gas, but it’s so low and little. I really miss his truck! I guess you can’t take the country out of the girl after all.

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