Day 19:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Was able to get more work done today. Now I can only hope to get the rest of it done tomorrow…..
Dyed my hair. I love it except the pink is not as dark as I would like so round two tomorrow then photos of it. Received one of my Valentines/anniversary gifts from honey today.

I love them I have a slight obsession with vans…. I love honeys attention to detail in everything that he does. I love how he loves me and how even thousands of miles away, I get gifts.
American Idol one tonight.. It is one of my favorite shows and not for all the crazies. But for the honest to goodness people that stand up there in front of the judges and you can see how much they love and want it. I love this show because I can relate to how that feels. I love what I do so much, and I always want to be bigger and better. I have put blood, sweat, tears and pain in to my craft. I have that passion and hunger to be something great. I get it….

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