Day 38:

Monday, February 21, 2011

So I really have not had time to tell you guys my cool news… My work has been published in a second book.

Very exciting, we made the first page. One thing I would really like to do one day is put together my very own book… One day for sure!
It should be kind of mellow the next few weeks with just a few shoots here and there. Which is nice, it will give me a chance to get things done around here and get all caught up…. However it does leave time for me to think… That almost always involves me calling my assistant up saying.. Hey wear your painting clothes to work today.. Or….Lets go to home depot….

Oh I am detoxing off of diet Pepsi… So I was really tired today, and sported a mean headache for most of the day…I wonder how no caffeine is going to feel?? I am going to drink a nice hot cup of green tea with fresh organic local honey and apple cider vinegar in just a few though!
Trying to get supper healthy. You would not believe how bad diet anything is for you!! So if you drink it I would advise you to look up how very bad for you it is and stop;)

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