Day 24:

Monday, February 7, 2011

Wow you really can see all kinds of people at Wal-Mart… To day I saw a lady had to be in her 40s completely and hopeless stuck in 1985.. She had ratty hair sprayed to the moon hair, sitting in her
Iroc Z…Windows up smoking a Newport with an ash a mile long. Listing to what I can only image was Poison… I laughed pretty hard inside… I guess that’s why they have that people of Wal-Mart website..

So I am obsessed with changing my duvet cover to match the seasons. This is the set I will be getting soon.
Sophia Organic Cotton Sateen Duvet Cover, Twin
In love with it. I love Potery Barn! I am in the process of collecting items to redo my bedroom. I prefer nice vintage finds when I can find them. I love the rush of a good treasure hunt! Hopefully I can collect all the items that I have dreamt up, before honey returns. I would love to have an amazing new bedroom for him.
I am diffently getting this guy for our room, maybe in black...Not sure yet. It's electric how cool is that?

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