Day 3

Monday, January 17, 2011

Last night a real good friend of mine reminded me of something that I had long ago forgotten about.
The passing of the EGA.
 This little gold EGA. This was passed down to a new wife, on her first deployment as a sign of strength and courage. A little token to let you know that someone had stood in your very same shoes. I was passed this little EGA in 2000, 4 months after our wedding for my 1st deployment. The longest 8 months of my life. New wife, new house, and remember no internet back then, no skype… Honey was a Recon Platoon Sargent, in Kosovo and they were on the move the whole time. I think on that deployment I talked to him 3 times in 8 months. That little gold charm around my neck, gave me a little peace and comfort… A few years later, I meet my friend she was a new wife, getting ready to go through her first deployment. So I passed the charm and the story down to her. Well this got me thinking last night as I remembered this little EGA. How far its journey has been, how many wife’s had it brought some comfort to. If it could talk what kind of stories might it hold? I would like to think that it continues to be passed down and that it has somehow brought comfort to every wife that it has been in contact with… Just a little precious piece of gold on a simple chain yet somehow linked to every marine wife that has worn it. Because only a military wife knows what it is like to were these shoes.

Day 3:
Wow only three days…. Dang I was really hoping to wake up today to 300 at least..
Today I went to lunch and it was great! Then grocery shopping. Yuck! I hate doing it without honey, really, really hate it. Shopping for one pretty much stinks. We love to go shopping together and cook together I think that is one of our most favorite things to do! So I miss that. However do to that yummy cooking and the fact that I set on my booty most of the day editing photos. I feel a little out of shape. So I am only doing supper healthy foods and, I am going to start banging out the exercise. So when honey returns for his R&R witch will hopefully be in August. I can be a perfect 113. I start tomorrow at 154 I will keep you posted on that every Sunday when I weigh myself.


  1. I will be fitness buddies with you too. Have a 20 lb goal or the toning that will make me look like I do at 110 - 113. Whichever comes first I expect it to be slow so that it will be lasting, but I aim to look pretty darn hot on my wedding reception day in July ;)

  2. Awesome!! That's my dead line as well. Pete gets to come home for two weeks some were around that time frame. I am going to Golds tomorrow to sign up;)


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