Day 10:

Monday, January 24, 2011

What a long long night!!! Apparently my youngest pup Stella, decided it was a good ides to eat her blanket. So I was awakened around 12:30 to her throwing it up. I got up cleaned up the mess, cleaned her up. Then it started again, literally throwing up huge chunks of blanket. Thankfully around 5:30 she stopped, and all is well now!

I got to skype with honey today. He took his laptop outside and somehow got a very faint single. So we were able to talk for a few minutes. Thank goodness!! He just knew that I was having a bad day! Makes most of it better, when I get to see his face!!

Should be working because I have a mounting of editing to do. But I am going to go snuggle in my bed and call it a super early night!! Wakeup in the morning ready for the rest of my crazy week.

Ipod play list song… Once again honey knows his way to my heart! With a zombie love song;)

Can't really hear it that well boobooo!

My song to honey today

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