Day 14:

Friday, January 28, 2011

So….. I just want to say that I hate people that poop sunshine and rainbows. Makes me litterly want to punch them in the face. If I could have gone through the phone to day this girl would have needed some medical attention. Honey and I though it would be a nice idea to refinance our home to take advantage of the crazy low rate. However it has been a night mare. With honey so far away I have to take care of stuff. This girl calls me today and at first was like super make me want to vomit valley girl nice….Any one that knows me knows that gets you punched, even when honey is not gone and I am not stretched so thin. Any ways, she tells me that she needs to talk to honey, because I am not good enough….Hang on lady I have a POA…Not good enough, I will scan it and send it you…Then lady then tells me that, it would go faster if he could sign the paper work. Good luck he is in a sand box for a year. I can hardly talk to him, how are you going to??? Finely got it taken care of…. Have to get up supper early so goodnight all;)

The Cure - Friday I'm In Love
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