Day 6

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 6:
Wow what a day…. We had a blast at work today! My assistant and I had to go in today to build our V-day set for this weekend’s shoots. So we started off at home Depot to pick up some lumber, a staple gun, hot glue the usual crafting supplies. It was quit hysterical to see how men look at women in a hardware store. I think 10 guys asked us if we need help, like we were lost or something… So Taylor and I decided that next time we make a hardware run it’s in high heels.. We got or loot and headed out to my truck to find that it did not fit???? It took us about 5 minutes of let’s try this, maybe this… Then like magic we got it to fit. We crammed it in and it felt like supper Mario brothers Mario cart. But we got the job done and the set looks amazing!!
I can’t believe how fast time is flying; the day flew the week for the most part flew. As much as I hate that time, and my life is going so fast, I hope that it continues to do so for the next year. Oh remember those little notes that honey left behind for me to find. Well I found one to day in the bathroom of my studio. That honey is a clever little bear. I love him, and I miss him so very much!
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