Day 8

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 8:

Today’s bog is a little early…..

My sisters husband is in the Army and he is way at school. So my sister is in from from Fayetteville.
My mom is going to watch her boys and my fur kids, so that my sister and I can have a break. We are going to stay with our daddy. How fun!! A night with me and my sis spending the night in our child hood home….
Makes me think of days when me and my sister and brother, would stay up all night playing when we should have been sleeping. When your all grown up and have all this responsibility its fun to think of those simple days, when all you had to do was home work and play. I miss that and often think back to the huge oak tree that use to be in my grandparents front yard. I loved that tree, I don’t know what it is exactly that brings me there. But sometimes in my sleep, I am there by that tree, green grass under my bear feet, all is perfect and calm, still. I love that place. It has been years since that tree was there or since my grandparents were alive, our since there house was the way I remember it. I guess things change its this they way the world goes on.

So I know that I had said the ipod song would be something from honeys play list but I think it should be what I feel on the day I write so today’s ipod song is…

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