Day 56:

Friday, March 11, 2011

I had some girl time with Taylor today, lunch and a movie. Red ridding hood.. I thought it was pretty great!
I seam to be missing honey more and more every day… I really though that it would get better it usually does how ever with this deployment it does not seem to be the case…

Funny story about my pups…They are for the most part on a pretty strict schedule with five I have to have one for my own sanity..

This is their schedule every one up at 6:45 every one out…Play…I get ready for work then I come down and put every one in there space the older guys get to hang out the little ones, Maggie and Stella have to go in their room…I come home very one out, dinner, lots of hugs, kisses, play time…I try to always have them in bed by 10:00...My garage has been turned in to their bedroom/playhouse..
Who sleeps with mommy schedule.. So they all feel special..
Maggie Sunday
Roxy Monday
Stella Tuesday
Stella Wed
Noah Thursday
Izzy Friday
Noah Izzy and Rox Sat.

So the funny part is last night was Noah’s night he watched me put Stella up, then he took off up stairs got on the bed got under the covers and the look on his face was like..Yay I though it was never going to be my turn again… How do they know its their turn, how do they know how to tell time…It amazes me. I love them crazy pups of mine..

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