Day 49:

Friday, March 4, 2011

While on my way to work to day I noticed the farmers busy in the fields getting ready to plant.
There has always been something very beautiful about that to me.
Being from this part of North Carolina I grew up surrounded by farms, my Grandfather actually crippled himself working his land.. So it really saddens me to see all of this amazing open farm land being split up and sold off to the highest bidder. It breaks my heart to think of the little old man famer that worked his whole life to provide for his family and keep his land. That now after being gone from this world his land is now a Wal-Mart or a sub division. Seems to be happing quite a bit around here now. Every time a blink a new housing area goes up…
So I am loving my new tat. I can’t believe how much it looks like my pups.. So excited that I found them and even more exited to finish!

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  1. Every time we take a road trip we look at the beautiful old farm houses that are now 30 yards from the highway. I'm sure they started out in the middle of fields and crops. I wonder what it all looked like before massive interstates and highways, subdivisions and grody Wal-Marts. Love this post (and your tattoos!).

  2. I know it is so very sad:( Thanks lady<3


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