Day 133

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh my were have I been….
The last month or so flew by, in a crazy blur. Great for the fact that every day that passes leads me one day closer so his arms. Something, I can’t wait for. Every single fiber of my body calls for him, all day every day.
So what I have been up too….. At the studio, I found out my right hands husband has orders so they are moving to Georgia.. But the good news is I am trying to keep her in the loop as much as we can. Other studio news, I hired and amazing person to be my partner, she has already helped more then she knows! If I can let go(I am a control freak it hurts to do so) I feel we really have no limits.
Home news, planted a garden. I really did not want to but, I did it with the help of my mom, for honey.
He loves to have a garden. This way when he is home for R&R we should have stuff coming out.
Had an extremely sick baby. Stella was, so sick, I don’t think that I have ever seen an animal so sick in my life. We almost lost her. I stayed up with her for a week and made her drink water every 45 minutes. We went to the vet two times, three IVs and 5 shots later, she is back to normal. Thank God.

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