Taking it all back

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Somewhere between running and building my businesses, taking care of my family and volunteering. I forgot something and I kept pushing it further and further away. What I lost was time for myself. Some days I am at my studio 8/12 hours and when I am not at the studio I am usually at desk editing. I love my job and the brand that I have built. But it's time I take back my me time. I miss my friends and family and I miss myself. So I spent a few months rebranding and reworking numbers to figure out how to work better and have a life as well as make the living that I would like. Yay! It's working and I now have more time for my life. 

So during the last few years of this rushing madness I put on 50 pounds. Holy mother!!! I cried when I did the math because I have been hiding it pretty well from myself and every one else. I do eat pretty healthy however being mostly vegetarian I eat a lot of meat substitutes, and I LOVE cheese pizza, holy carbs batman. They really add up. 

I made up every excuse known to man about why I could not find the time to work out. How it must be nice to have all this time because I sure don't have it. 

Well I made up my mind that I am going to take it all back! Every thing is changing and I am excited about that. I am loving, I mean loving working out. I love how it makes me feel and truthfully I can't get enough of that feeling. I am so excited to see what's ahead. 

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